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General Background

My wife, Aarionna Hook, and two daughters, Arya and Anastasia, keep me busy with family and school activities.


I grew up in Kansas City, Kansas, near the former Indian Springs shopping mall and later near the former Bethany Medical Center. After moving out to Olathe, Kansas, in 2002 for about two years, I returned to Kansas City, Kansas. When I started at KU Law in 2015, I relocated to Lawrence, Kansas, and remain there with my family.

Naming Confusion
Why Coder7?

I acquired this domain back in 2002, when short domain names were still available. At the time, I did a lot of coding (primarily in PHP), and seven was (and remains) my favorite number. I’ve used this domain for a variety of things over the years, and have had a couple of requests from others to buy the domain from me because they operate a business somewhere by the same name. I’m not affiliated with any of them, and I’m the first and only registrant of I use this domain for things that are separate from my law firm, which exists over at

Are you “that” Bradley Hook?

There are others out there that share my name. One of the more notable ones is this guy. Amusingly, I encountered him when Googling my name and found his resume on his website. At the time, we had very similar skills, and it was somewhat eerie. But, he was also on the other side of the planet. Years later, we ended up encountering each other on Facebook and friended each other for the amusement factor. I also bought one of his books to put on the table in my office for amusement. I’m sure it’s a good read, but I’ll admit I’ve never had the free time to sit down and read it. But, regardless, the point of this paragraph is to point out that I’m not him, and he’s not me. Our career trajectories have taken very different directions since those early days in technology, so it shouldn’t be hard to tell us apart anymore.

University of Kansas School of Law

2018 – Juris Doctor, GPA 3.57, Class Rank 19/119

University of Missouri – Kansas City

2014 – Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, GPA 4.0, Summa Cum Laude as an Honors Scholar

Favorite Professors: Gayle Levy (Honors Program) and Bruce Bubacz (Philosophy Department)

Kansas City Kansas Community College

2012 – Associate’s Degree in General Studies, GPA 4.0, Summa Cum Laude with Honors

Significant Recent Projects
Comprehensive Network Infrastructure Upgrade

(2023 to Present)

Overview: Initially tasked with replacing two routers/firewalls, the project evolved into a comprehensive upgrade of the entire network infrastructure due to foundational deficiencies. Spanning 20 buildings across two cities, the project involved implementing critical components such as CWDM systems, redundant switch platforms, and VMWare systems to enhance network reliability and performance.

Role and Responsibilities: Took charge of project leadership and coordination, overseeing all aspects of the upgrade from planning to execution. Collaborated with stakeholders to assess requirements, identify gaps, and develop a holistic upgrade strategy. Guided procurement processes and budget allocations to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery.

Key Accomplishments:

Infrastructure Modernization: Successfully upgraded network infrastructure across multiple locations, addressing deficiencies and improving overall system reliability and performance.

Technology Selection and Implementation: Led the selection, purchasing, and implementation of CWDM systems, new switch platforms, and VMWare systems, ensuring compatibility and scalability.

Configuration and Deployment: Orchestrated the configuration and deployment of critical components, including IP addressing schemes, virtual machines for essential services (DNS, NTP, SMTP, Syslog), and routers based on Ubuntu Server with VRRP and DHCP.

Cross-Functional Collaboration: Fostered collaboration among diverse teams and stakeholders to streamline project execution and overcome challenges associated with multi-site deployments.

Project Management: Employed effective project management methodologies to manage timelines, resources, and deliverables, ensuring successful project completion within budget and schedule constraints.

State-wide DWDM Optical Line System Deployment


Overview: Assumed interim leadership of a critical project following the procurement phase, overseeing the deployment of a DWDM optical line system spanning several hundred miles of physical locations. Despite significant challenges including resource constraints, delayed shipments, and unforeseen equipment problems, successfully coordinated project execution and ensured completion within established timelines.

Role and Responsibilities: Transitioned into the role of project manager, overseeing all aspects of the deployment as the de facto project manager and project sponsor. Introduced detailed project management processes and Agile methodologies to streamline project execution and mitigate risks. Coordinated with stakeholders, vendors, and contractors to address challenges and keep the project on track.

Key Accomplishments:

Strategic Leadership: Stepped into a leadership role during a critical phase of the project, providing strategic direction and guidance to ensure project success despite organizational challenges and resource limitations.

Project Management Enhancement: Introduced more robust project management processes, including the development of detailed timelines, Agile methodologies, and iterative sprints, to improve project visibility, coordination, and execution.

Resource Coordination: Managed resources effectively, coordinating staff schedules, securing necessary services from contractors, and addressing logistical challenges such as delayed shipments and unanticipated travel requirements.

Stakeholder Engagement: Facilitated effective communication and collaboration among stakeholders, vendors, and project team members to address roadblocks, minimize downtime, and maintain morale throughout the project lifecycle.

Successful Deployment: Overcame significant obstacles to ensure the successful installation of equipment at 11 points of presence and 3 ILAs, completing turn-up of several 800Gbps segments within the established timeline despite equipment issues.Knowledge Transfer: Ensured seamless transition of project documents and processes to successors upon conclusion of interim role, facilitating the ongoing completion of the project objectives and deliverables.

Organizational Governance Revision

(2022 to 2023)

Overview: Led a comprehensive revision of the corporate governance structure in collaboration with an 18-person board of directors and corporate officers to address legal compliance and conflict of interest issues. As project sponsor and manager, coordinated stakeholder engagement, facilitated training sessions, drafted legal documents, and presented the proposal for approval at the annual stakeholder meeting.

Role and Responsibilities: Undertook dual roles as project sponsor and project manager, overseeing all aspects of the governance revision initiative. Collaborated closely with the board of directors, corporate officers, and legal counsel to ensure alignment with state laws and regulatory requirements. Orchestrated stakeholder engagement efforts, facilitated training sessions to enhance understanding of the proposed changes, and managed the drafting and revision of legal documents.

Key Accomplishments:

Stakeholder Collaboration: Fostered collaboration and consensus among diverse stakeholders, including the board of directors and corporate officers, to develop a revised governance structure that addressed legal compliance and conflict of interest concerns.

Project Management: Managed all aspects of the project lifecycle, from initial planning and stakeholder engagement to drafting legal documents and presenting the proposal for approval. Implemented effective project management processes to ensure timely execution and stakeholder buy-in.

Legal Compliance: Ensured that the proposed governance revisions were in compliance with state laws and regulatory standards by collaborating closely with legal counsel and submitting the proposal for comprehensive legal review.

Stakeholder Presentation: Presented the proposed governance revisions at the annual corporate stakeholder meeting, effectively communicating the rationale, benefits, and implications of the proposed changes. Presided over the voting process, resulting in unanimous approval by the board and stakeholders.Conflict Resolution: Successfully addressed conflict of interest problems within the governance structure through the implementation of transparent and accountable governance practices, fostering trust and integrity within the organization.

Ubiquiti Wireless Network Deployment


Overview: Led the deployment of a robust Ubiquiti wireless network for a community photo studio spanning 10,000 square feet, overcoming challenges posed by poor wireless propagation characteristics. As project manager and primary technical lead, managed all aspects of the project from budgeting and design to procurement and implementation.

Role and Responsibilities: Acted as project manager and primary technical expert, collaborating closely with the project sponsor to establish a budget and define project requirements. Conducted site assessments and designed a customized wireless network solution tailored to the unique layout and environmental challenges of the photo studio. Managed procurement processes, sourced equipment, and oversaw the implementation phase.

Key Accomplishments:

Customized Design: Developed a tailored wireless network design to address the specific challenges of the photo studio’s layout and poor wireless propagation characteristics, ensuring reliable coverage and performance across the entire space.

Budget Management: Assisted the project sponsor in building a budget aligned with project requirements and financial constraints, optimizing cost-effectiveness while meeting performance objectives.

Procurement and Implementation: Managed procurement processes and sourced appropriate Ubiquiti equipment to meet project specifications. Led the implementation phase, coordinating with electricians and technical professionals to ensure compliance with local codes and standards.Technical Expertise: Leveraged technical expertise to perform much of the installation work personally, ensuring quality and efficiency throughout the deployment process. Provided guidance and support to other team members as needed.

Professional Experience
Kansas State Schools for the Deaf and the Blind

Pro-Bono Technology Consultant – October 2023 to Present

  • Implement high-availability router/firewall platform, transitioning from mixed Debian Linux, Junos, and Fortinet products to open-standards solutions. Migrate DHCP from ISC-DHCP-Server and Junos relays to a high-availability Kea-DHCP solution. Upgrade BIND9 deployment for local and master DNS resolvers. Transition virtualization platform from Xen on CentOS to VMWare. Implement VPN solution for technical and non-technical staff to have reliable remote access to technology resources. Deploy upgraded infrastructure devices to restore a previously degraded 10Gbps campus backbone. Lay the groundwork for transition to Microsoft Azure Cloud platform to be integrated with Google Workspace. Engineer resilient solutions capable of accommodating rapidly growing user needs, as well as high network loads from HD video surveillance systems and sensitive network loads from access control, life safety, VoIP, and HVAC systems. Prepare the campus network to be able to accommodate multiple ISPs for resilience by redefining and reassigning the entire network’s address space to work within RFC1918 private address space. Enable full IPv6 connectivity. Document solutions and train staff on how they function.
KanREN, Inc.

Special Projects Consultant – July 2023 to April 2024

  • Provide support for special projects, including oversight of the deployment of a next generation optical line system on a statewide dark fiber network running 800Gbps optical waves between 14 points of presence.
  • Provide support during transition to the new permanent Executive Director.

Interim Executive Director – September 2022 to July 2023

  • Oversaw all executive, business, and technical operations of the organization after the sudden departure of several key staff members.
  • Interacted with the board of directors, key stakeholders, vendors, and other business partners to ensure the organization kept operating as smoothly as possible during a significant change in leadership.
  • Guided the organization through a substantial revision of governance structure.
Hook Law Office Chartered

Owner/Attorney – January 2021 to Present

  • As a small solo practitioner, conducted all business affairs of the firm.
  • Served on the Douglas County criminal defense appointments panel for two years.
  • Represented several clients in criminal and civil matters in Kansas State and Federal Courts.
Quinn Law Chartered/Strozier Hook Chartered

Junior Partner – February 2020 to December 2020

  • Represented numerous clients in Personal Injury cases in Kansas State Court and the Western District of Missouri Federal Court.
  • Oversaw the transition of the firm when the former owner retired.
  • Oversaw the dissolution of the firm when the Senior Partner resigned.
Kansas Court of Appeals

Research Attorney – August 2018 to January 2020

  • Independently researched appellate cases and applicable law to provide analysis and recommendations to the court. Also reviewed cases for appellate jurisdiction, wrote case summaries for published cases, and prepared draft opinions for select cases.
Johnson County District Attorney

Prosecution Intern – August 2017 to May 2018

  • Worked side-by-side with prosecutors in developing cases, drafting criminal complaints, and appearing in court in both preliminary hearings and trials. First-chaired and second-chaired jury trials to verdict.
Stevens & Brand LLP

Law Clerk – October 2016 to August 2017

  • Drafted contracts for use between private entities and government agencies.
  • Researched legal issues and prepared memoranda for topics including employment disputes, secured transactions, bankruptcy, and land use.
  • Drafted motions in limine and motions for summary judgment for criminal defense cases in both state and federal courts.
University of Kansas School of Law

Teaching Assistant – August 2016 to May 2018

  • Provided direct support to first year law students in their fundamental lawyering skills class, with a strong focus on legal writing and legal citation skills.
KU Innovation Park (formerly the Bioscience and Technology Business Center)

Business Intern – January 2017 to January 2018

  • Provided research and analysis for various park tenants on a wide range of business undertakings.
  • Provided research and analysis for park expansion project.
Johnson County District Court

Judicial Intern – Summer 2016

  • Researched criminal law issues as requested for active cases.
  • Prepared memoranda on criminal topics requiring in-depth analysis.
  • Drafted orders for judges on topics including attorney-client privilege, prosecutorial ethics, and statutory interpretation.
Kansas State School for the Blind and Kansas School for the Deaf

Information Technology and Management Positions – February 2000 to August 2018

  • Managed and supported all information technology resources and personnel spanning over twenty buildings in two cities.
  • Negotiated multiple statewide contracts.
  • Participated in the executive team which merged the administration of two state agencies.
  • Developed and presented substantial revisions of all agency policies to the schools’ governing body.
  • Assisted in resolving a multi-year budget shortfall crises as the project lead on in-depth financial data analysis.
  • Evaluated website accessibility on behalf of the state for the initial launch of the website in 2005.
  • Presented at several local, regional, national, and international conferences on a variety of technical topics, including website accessibility, cloud storage, and network design.
  • Bradley Hook, Minimizing Inverted Privilege: An Argument for Higher Standards for Defense Motions to Determine Competency, 27 Kan. J.L. & Pub. Pol. 125 (2018).
Community Activities
  • Executive Committee Member for the Judge Hugh Means Inn of Court.
  • Past-Master and Lifetime Member in Delaware Masonic Lodge No 96 A.F & A.M., Kansas City, Kansas.
Interests and Hobbies
  • Studying Ancient Greek Philosophy in the original language.
  • Amateur Photography: bradleyhookphotog on Instagram.
  • Archery with the family.
  • RPG videogames (primarily from Bethesda).
  • Woodworking in my home shop.